A home in Japan, all yours for FREE!

Last night, I stumbled on this article from CNN – Travel.

The area is in Okutama, located in the western portion of Tokyo. It’s like a big nature park in the city. Scenic views and stunning landscapes will surprise you.

Photos: (1) Floating Bridge on Lake Okutama (2) Hikawa International Trout Fishing Area (3) Okutama Station

So, why do they leave?

I thought the area is located very far from the Tokyo Metropolis. But our Google friend told me it is a 1 hour and 39 minutes travel time by car and if you prefer the train, its 1 hour and 57 minutes ride to be exact.

Japanese are well-known in their punctuality. Maybe that’s why they are leaving. I guess.

Young people leave rural areas for city jobs. – CNN

That’s why!

They opt to leave nature’s treasure since they have to earn for their family also.

I remember, when I was starting out in the corporate world, I was eager to leave my home in the countryside to be in the city where the real deal is. But now, it’s the complete opposite.

I’m dying to be in the countryside, close to nature.

How about you?

Where do you want to be?

My turn.

As a kid, it was always #fun and #interesting to watch travel shows. I remembered watching Japan’s tourism videos, where I indulge myself to a different culture that is very different from mine. Fascinated by their snow and cherry blossoms (sakura), not to mention their Japanese calligraphy (shodo) and pottery making.

Fast forward, I finished college and landed on a job, a typical eight (8) hour shift – boring. Surely, I enjoyed it. For my years in the corporate world, I thought it was fulfilling enough for me that I can do this for another ten (10), fifteen(15) years.

But sadly, it is not. Those years feels nothing to me now. It passed by me too quickly, so fast that I can no longer swallow another more.

Should I?

I was like at the end of the road already in my career. I knew that continuing is not an option for me now. But what’s holding me back? The answer in the real world – they call it money.

Despite feeling this ‘coldness’ to my career, I’m still here – staying for a little while. But this time, it’s different. I have a game plan to achieve my dream – SEE THE WORLD RIGHT BEFORE MY EYES.

LOVE the life you have while you create the LIFE of your DREAMS – Hal Elrod

What’s next?

What’s next?



Before, you worry on how to finish college. When you’re done with it, you worry about landing on your dream job. While working, you slowly feel that it is actually taking you down. It becomes too routinely that you want to break out of it.


What you’re dreaming of is not actually what you really want.

You will come to a point where you will question yourself, “What’s next?”.

The fear of uncertainty is real.

You fear the unknown future.

What’s next?